toyota starlet historic

  • toyota starlet rallycars historic gr2 fia homlogeted


    the car is located in Jönköping Sweden

    Starlet 1980 (red and white)

    Engine total renovation is done

    with new pistons new bore engine block (79mm)

    cylinderhead renovated.

    Dellorto 40 carburators with banana intake manifold

    extractor (4to 1) catalysator

    close ratio gearbox + sinter clutch

    limited slip differential with new schims

    new rear end 4.78

    steelspun brake hoses

    new bushings in rear axel assembly

    brakepads Ferrodo

    Bilstein front and rear

    Sprinkler system

    sparco seats

    Williams seatbelts

    Short steering

    electric ignition

    1 rally and 5 sprints after renovation

    110000 SEK

    Starlet 1978 (just white)

    See above except

    Aluminum cooler

    sprinkler not mounted but avaliable

    2 rally and 6 sprints after renovation

    100000 SEK

    the cars have fia papper gr2

    toyota starlet 1978 and 1980 historic rally cars

    ready to start for more info…9469664/posts/N83natAE2uX

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